Unlock the power of real-time open banking data to understand your customer's unique financial situation.

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Better data

PingData provides PSD2 data from private and corporate accounts in EU banks. We make it simple and secure for your customer to share up to 24 months of transaction history.

Better decisions

Our analytics tools give you accurate and up-to-date insights. Know your customer and reduce the risk of default and fraud. We provide services to credit providers, intermediaries, lawyers, auditors, accountants and others.

Easy integration

Integrate with PingData without a single line of code. We have developed a web solution so that you can make better decisions today.

CEO at scandinavian lender

« It’s challenging to evaluate small businesses with limited historical data. PingData enable us to obtain and analyze bank statements and cash flow in real time. We save time and money, but the most important impact is that we are now able to approve loans that traditional banks say no to. »